Monday, September 7, 2009

Lightning Dust

Who: Lightning Dust

Hail From: Vancouver, British Columbia

Label: Jagjaguwar

Active from: 2007 to current

Sounds like: Indie pop with heavy 60's folk leanings, sung while sitting on a washing machine on spin cycle.

Lightning Dust is the side project of Amber Webber and Joshua Wells of Black Mountain. Lightning Dust was created to challenge themselves and to go for a completely different sound. Amber states she was looking to explore her goth side. She went for a "more theatrical sounding" vocal which I guess means MORE VIBRATO! Throughout the whole album you'll flirt between being annoyed by it and easily dismissing it's effect on the song. Still for some reason, probably my soft spot for 60's female folk, I totally dig their new album, Infinite Light

Lightning Dust - I Knew

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