Thursday, November 26, 2009

Memory Tapes

Memory Tapes

Hail From:


Active from: ?

Sounds Like: Slightly David Lynchian (maybe with a rainbow coming out his ass) mellowed out dance music

Memory Tapes is producer Dayve Hawk. He also produces music as Memory Cassets, Wierd Tapes as well as Memory Tapes. Outside music he is a stay at home dad in NJ who claims to be bad with computers. He has a Blogger site to discuss his music.

Kid Sister

Kid Sister

Hail From: Chicago, Il

Label: Downtown/Fool’s Gold

Active from: 2006 to current

Sounds Like: 1987 J.J. Fad/Queen Latifah era fun rap with 90's dance vibe

Her moniker refers to her older brother J2K of Flosstradamus. The music: Is it epic? Is it gonna make you think? No. Is is gonna make you shake your ass and dance? Yes! The whole album isn't a bulls eyes, but the dance hits and right on target. Skip "Big n Bad" she samples on of the more horrid overplayed dance hits of the 90's. I caught her at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX and had a blast. I highly recommend checking out her live show.

Kid Sister - Right Hand Hi (video) You have to follow the link cuz the record label has disabled embedding for some lame ass reason

The Big Pink

Who: The Big Pink

Hail From:
London, England

Label: 4AD

Active from:

Sounds Like:
Early 90's alternative electronic with fuzzy guitars

I'm totally in love with band! The remind me of my 1st days going out to clubs and dancing my ass off. Their are doing their 1st U.S. tour right now, but are going no where near my loving Austin, TX.

And then there is the radio hit!