Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Drums cometh from Elkland

Who: The Drums

Hail From: Brooklyn, NY

Label: Twentyseven

Active from: 2008 to current

Ok, right now the The Drums are getting lots of Buzz on the Blogosphere. And I get it, so far what I've heard is fun. Sorta a gayish indie rock take on the Beach Boys, but I could be saying that cuz the song is Called "Let's Go Surfin." As I watched the video, I thought I recognized something about the singer.....Other then he looks like Johnny Lawrence of Karate Kid. Then it hit me....This is the freaky side to side dance guy from Elkland who I saw open for Erasure three years ago. Check out the video for The Drums and then check out Johnathan Pierce in his previous band Elkland. Ah, the interwebs, how I love thee. When checking out Elkland make sure to take note of his oh so masculine dance. You get a real good view around 1:46 to 1:56:

The Drums - Let's Go Srufin

Elkland - Apart