Friday, July 24, 2009

Polly Scattergood

Who: Polly Scattergood

Hail From: Essex, England

Active from: 2005 to current

Sounds like: Tori Amos or Kate Bush but more depressing, self-deprecating and quirky

Polly Scattergood and a great voice and her music is slightly haunting. Listening to the album you may think sister needs to see a therapist. She spends the whole album beating herself up for her shortcomings and failures. However, many of us have then in that place in our lives. She doesn’t come off whiny and in some very odd way she is slightly empowering at times. It is hard to explain, but it is definitely worth checking out. On a side note: Her album cover reminds me of Mary Hopkins for some reason.

Polly Scattergood – I Hate the way (had to go the youtube route, couldn’t find any mp3s on line. Just audio and sill picture of album cover

Polly Scattergood – Please Don’t Touch

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